Taylor Swift Eras Tour: my predictions for the European support acts

Disclaimer: Taylor Swift just announced (literally 16 hours ago) that Paramore will be joining her for the whole European leg! Obviously, none of that below will ever be accurate but a good bunch of you all asked me to share it anyway. Let’s meet at the end to see what I think about it.

Next week, European girlies will start receiving presale codes if they got picked to buy Taylor Swift tickets for the Eras Tour (or at least be allowed to queue for hours and probably leave empty-handed). I myself signed up for a lot of dates and really hoping to make it to 2 shows, but this is a conversation for another day.

Seeing how cool all the support acts were for the current US leg, I started to think about who would be coming with her to the old continent. I’m kind of hoping for 2 support acts, but as she didn’t book stadiums in every country (“only” an arena in France for example, the biggest in Europe though), we probably only will get one artist/band. I still decided to make the 2 lists (first support and second support) with my best guesses

How did I choose them you ask? Their vibes, what they stand for, their values, their previous tour, and also decided to include some of my favs because why not.

First slot

Tommy Lefroy

Tommy Lefroy has been one of my favourite bands for quite some time now! Their music is soft, layered but also powerful and subtle. Their genre is complex, getting inspiration from indie rock and pop and folk. And don’t get me started on their songwriting.

Also, 2 things that would make Taylor love them instantly (apart from their amazing music):

  1. Tessa and Wynter chose their band name based on the real-life lover of Jane Austen who broke her heart. A literature reference, for our literature queen.
  2. The name of their last EP (Rivals, listen here) comes from the way the music industry set up women against each other. Supporting women and all that, Taylor loves it.

Katie Gregson-McLoed

Katie’s career took off when her song complex went viral on TikTok just last year, while not even being released! While some think that going viral on the internet once will kill any other sort of future project, I think that’s not true. After listening to all her previous songs, Katie is a master-talented songwriter, her voice is full and raw and honest, but also velvety. Also, she is friends with Nell Mescal, and for me, that is a green flag.

Orla Gartland

if you don’t Orla, you’re missing out. I fell in love with heavy in 2020 and since then, she never stopped to surprise me. She went on to release her first album Woman on the Internet, with a coming-of-age vibe. You also probably couldn’t miss her song Why Am I Like This featured in Heartstopper!

She also just created a band with friends, called Fizz (and with dodie! You can listen to their first single here), it would be so fun to have them all as well.

Spill Tab

My personal favourite for the French shows: this French-Korean musician/singer/songwriter, who grew up in LA. Her pop-infused music intertwines with her soft voice, her homemade production and honesty, she would be the perfect support act to represent the future of indie music!

Matilda Mann

Could Matilda be the Gracie of Europe? Yes. She puts her feathery vocals on empowering female anthems. With minimal production, her songs focus on emotions and lyrics. Also, some songs almost cross the country genre, and we all know how Taylor feels about that.

Second Slot

Holly Humberstone

I’m in love with Holly. So in love that some of my friends also fell in love. Her music is pop, but also rock, and her style is punk and she can sing anything and make me cry. She is the epitome of a cool girl, but a kind girl. Also, she never toured in France, so I’m taking any chances I can.

p.s.: and with the announcement of her first album, coming out in October, the timing COULDN’T be more perfect.

Rina Sawayama

Drawing inspiration from so many genres and eras of music, adding her full powerful voice and upbeat productions, you have some of the best British pop music.

And honestly, hearing This Hell or Hold The Girl would hype me so much before Taylor.

Maisie Peters

Maisie is sweet, Maisie is all about girl power, Maisie is also signed on Taylor’s bestie record label, a.k.a. Ed Sheeran. The deal would be easy and I would be satisfied. (Taylor, think about it, easy is sometimes the best solution).


Do I need to even explain why they are here?

Phoebe Bridgers

Just hoping that she brings her across the pond because bestie Phoebe won’t do anything else than festivals in France. Added bonus if she brings boygenius.

Olivia Rodrigo

This is a last-minute add. We all know that Taylor loves Olivia, she even let her recreate part of New Year’s Day melody for 1SF2SB on SOUR. Now Olivia is releasing her second album in September. She would have time to tour by herself, before joining Taylor in May 2024. Perfect planning if you ask me.

Sabrina Carpenter

She was on my original list. However, she has since been confirmed to be the support act for South America and Australia. It seems that if she was also coming to Europe, we would know already? But since one of my very good friends hopes to have her on this tour, I’ll leave her here. It’s called ✨manifesting

Special mention for Sam Fender, as I think he would make a killer opening act for the Eras Tour, but having a group of people who don’t identify as men is what’s most likely to happen!

Now about Paramore. While I love their friendship and the fact that they started their career together with Taylor in Nashville, I feel like it is the easy way. It would have been to spotlight a European artist, or at least add a little twist. Considering Australia and South America get the same treatment, it may have to do with visas and budget. Also, I’m sure Taylor Swift wants to spend 4 months with people she actually likes to have around. Still very excited to see (✨still manifesting✨) Paramore for the first time (maybe!).

I can’t wait to have her come to Europe, in the meantime, I’ll continue to vicariously live this tour through my phone.

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