Hana Eid — ‘Shrapnel’ review: energetic and catchy to carry the female angst

Nashville-based Hana Eid is highly inspired by iconic rock bands such as Rush and U2 and the more recent alt-music scene like Phoebe Bridgers or Briston Maroney. Currently studying songwriting, she is an experienced electric guitar player and uses it to her advantage to deliver tender and poetic songs supported by the eager rhythm of her guitar.

Eid is back with her first single of the year, ‘Shrapnel’, following her release of ‘Let Down’ last December. The guitar-led single is energetic and catchy: “but you’re upset / cause I’m a liar / and I talk about myself all of the time” has already etched itself in my brain.

Coming to the chorus, the small silence gets the listener impatient for what’s to come. Eid’s voice takes off propped up by the electric guitar picking up, leaving us positively overwhelmed.

After the first chorus, the song doesn’t come back down. The strong feelings set in and take over the control she wanted to have at the beginning.

‘Shrapnel’ is the incarnation of female angst and the stage where rage is stronger than any other feeling. You want to scream in your car or shout lyrics at yourself through the bathroom mirror? This song is for you.

This is Hana Eid’s 3rd single release and she has lots of songs in her backlog (she wrote 50 only in 2021!). I’m hoping for an EP this year to have the chance to fully embrace her lyrical and storytelling talent. But I hope Hana Eid keeps exploring her musical identity and stays true to herself.

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