Hana Eid — Weird: honest thoughts on liking someone

Leaning back into full-mode indie-rock, Hana Eid releases ‘Weird’, the first single of her upcoming EP.

Based in Nashville, the singer-songwriter keeps surprising me by exploring her musical character. During my first listen, I kept thinking of her debut single, ‘Dancing to The Smiths’, but in a more confident way. Her lyrics in ‘Weird’ are bold, as if she isn’t afraid to share her feelings and thoughts. While her storytelling has always been fascinating, this time it is truly astonishing. She drifts into straightforward thoughts, almost like a diary entry: “And I wanna talk about this to someone who isn’t you / I wanna understand what I feel and I think I know I do.

‘Weird’ is the anthem for people having a crush. Conflicting feelings, wishing for clarification, or straight-up hoping to develop a gift for mind-reading, crushing on someone plays with our mind: “Second-guessing, second-guessing myself all the time / Counting out my footsteps as I walk the tight line.” Eid successfully exhibits how “weird” we can get when liking someone in the early stages.

The energy of the song overwhelmed me in the best way possible. Eid’s vocals range from soft and dreamy to powerful and unapologetic. Add on heavy guitar riffs, strong drums, and spot-on production, and the song will feel relentless. I can already imagine ‘Weird’ live, preferably the closing track, where everything emotions are running super high, and you don’t want it to end.

Can’t wait for Hana Eid’s first EP! In the meantime, listen to ‘Weird’ here:

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