Isabel Pless & Blake Ruby — Sixth Sense: the beginning of an end

Isabel Pless and Blake Ruby team up on ‘Sixth Sense‘, a collaboration for lovers of emotional vocals and reflective lyrics. ‘Sixth Sense’ is a sad and eye-opening realisation of a broken connection with your partner.

Ruby starts with deep vocals, setting the scene for what’s coming next: the personification of a partner as a ghost, as its absence, but also presence, lingers around. The first part of the song focuses more on questioning and doubts. Pless joins in after the first chorus, bringing in delicateness and a sense of nostalgia. The song comes full circle as the awareness of the situation becomes more certain.

With a quiet production, the atmosphere leans into this ghost idea, like trying to grasp something that isn’t there. Vocals are kept low, almost as if to not be heard by this ghost, understanding that it might be the beginning of an end: “Cause heaven knows I’ve been feeling haunted / By your voice, by your scent / All these empty promises

Fortunately, Pless & Ruby picked up their piano and guitar and offered us a live version of ‘Sixth Sense’ for us to fully feel the emotions.

‘Sixth Sense’ was released August 25, and you can listen to it here:

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