Delaney Bailey — (i would have followed you) review: airy, breathless, and foggy sounds to go through heartbreak

Delaney Bailey's (i would have followed you) EP cover

Delaney Bailey releases a new EP ‘(i would have followed you)’, just a couple of days after announcing it. The 7-song-long project includes 5 songs already released throughout 2022 and 2 new ones.

Bailey is a talented songwriter, pouring her heart into every line and turning her songs into feelings. This EP is exactly what expected: an acoustic-y feeling, with a slow and warming production.

‘j’s lullaby (darling i’d wait for you)’ is the opening song of the project and starts with the lines Darlin, I’d wait for you / Even if you didn’t ask me to, which set us up for an immediate heartbreak. The very soft and slow production gives a quiet feeling and the slight pick-up in

‘Love Letter From The Shore to The Sea’ keeps the recurring theme of relationship and heartbreak. Delaney Bailey shares the story of drifting away from her partner and coming to terms with the inevitable breakup.

‘Oh Love’ is a reflection of a past relationship: thinking about it and longing to feel these emotions again, while still coming to terms with the ending. I feel like the production is the simplest on the EP, but the acoustic vibe highlights and envelops the lyrics.

I love songs that don’t follow the typical structure. ‘Mud’ is a 3-verse song and it feels so good. The second half is a busy voiceless sound but still muted and quiet.

I don’t think I need to introduce ‘Forgetting Delaney’ as it was one of my favorite songs of the year. This is the most upbeat you’ll find from Bailey, with a bridge accompanied by electric guitar. Emotions are always heavy, and this one doesn’t hold from that, with a rapid change of rhythm at the end, which makes my heart drops.

‘My Skin’ has been released earlier this week (December 13), and it honestly just feels like it has been recorded in one breath. It is soft, breezy, and mellow.

Delaney Baily shares on her Instagram story:

(i would have followed you) is probably the saddest song I have ever written in terms of relationships.

The title track is in fact heartbreaking and the subtle imperfections from the live recording add to emotions.

Delaney Bailey gained a significant following after asking her TikTok followers in 2020 to share the moment they knew they fell in love. 2 weeks later, she released a snippet of ‘Loving & Losing’, which has now more than 6 million plays on Spotify. She interacts with her fans on TikTok where she also shares unreleased music. Some will then be released on streaming platforms, others will keep the mystery forever.

This EP is emotional and if you love to lay around and feel all your emotions while listening to very sad songs, you should start here. Delaney Bailey’s artistry let us be hugged by production and broken by words.

Bailey shared on her Instagram story that she feels like ‘releasing music is just as therapeutic as writing the songs’, we can only be hoping to hear a lot more of her music next year.

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