Madeline — ‘Somebody I Know’ review: an intricate and dancy production makes for a charismatic song

art cover of the single "Somebody I Know" by Madeline

Madeline is back with her first single of 2023, “Somebody I Know”, and it’s a bop.

Madeline got us used to sad and melancholic sounds; for “Somebody I know”, for the first time in this era, the vibes are more dancy. I have personally been listening to it the past couple of days to get me started with my day.

The intricate production complements her clear voice. We can hear the easiness to change notes, from lower to higher, giving a powerful feeling to the listeners. The production presents her vocals and the lyrics on a silver plate, and the silences in the verses leave us wanting more. It has been one of her strengths while creating music: her touch is quickly identifiable every time, with a very affirmed style. “Somebody I Know” isn’t an exception.

The LA-based singer/songwriter has shared a number of times being inspired by artists like Christine and The Queens or Oklou. Her music is set in an alt-pop, airy, and charismatic world, giving this dreamy and fantasist experience, with relatable themes.

Fans of Madeline (me included) have been waiting for a full project from her, and this single is a great sign that something is coming soon. In the meantime, listen to “Somebody I Know“!

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