Samia — double single ‘Pink Balloon’ & ‘Sea Lions’ review: the ending moments of a relationship

Samia shares two new singles, 'Sea Lion' and 'Pink Balloon' ahead of releasing her sophomore album next month.

Samia unveils two new singles, accompanied by two videos she directed with Jackeline Justice. Both singles are linked thematically, and only take a different point of view on the same story. With her silky voice, she explores the closing moments of a relationship.

In ‘Sea Lions‘, Samia shares the story and feelings of what it is like to be around someone you knew, but now feels like a stranger. In this song, we can feel all the feelings related to a break-up: anger, sadness, and desperation.

I love the switch that happens in the middle of the song. In my opinion, it really highlights the difficulty of understanding and coming to terms with the end of a relationship.

Pink Balloon‘ shares the same feelings, however, it also comes with acceptance. It has more of a reflective feeling, with the hope of not letting it go. With her songwriting, Samia is trying to show that it is challenging to leave the comfort of a person, even when the relationship you had is gone.

Samia shares:

‘Pink Balloon’ is about trying to stay in someone’s life after it got too close and complicated. ‘Sea Lions’ is the sentiments of ‘Pink Balloon’ but less zoomed out – sitting in it, too angry to try and work it out but too sad to let it go. Remembering the good times, finding old voicemails and trying to decide where it went wrong on a loop.

Next Month, Samia is releasing her second album, ‘Honey‘. This double single release follows the release of ‘Kill Her Freak Out‘ and ‘Mad At Me‘, which will also appear on her album.

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