Spending a nice indie Christmas: gifts for music lovers and a nice playlist for shopping!

It’s December and the Holiday season is here! Don’t know about you, but in France, the cold arrived right on time for December 1st, and the temperature doesn’t go higher than 5°C anymore.

After sending my Christmas list to my family, I realized there is a lot of music-related things on it.

I put together a small gift guide for music lovers (yourself or someone you know). In the end, find my latest holiday playlist to set the mood for your Christmas shopping!

Memories from live shows

What’s better than looking at a poster, reminding you of the time you had the chance to scream lyrics with thousands of other fans back to your favorite artists? Concerts are experiences. If you’re like me, they only bring happy thoughts and I’ll remember them for the rest of my life.

Subtle objects

Even though I love talking about being a fan, sometimes I just want to be quieter about it, and have things that fans only can understand. Last year, friends gifted me a bowl decorated with sunflowers. Well, for anyone it is a bowl; for others, it’s Harry Styles merch.

Concert tickets

Not going to lie, there is no better feeling than having the possibility to hear live your favorite albums. Do you have the budget or the tickets are cheap? Please do it! It’s a very cool experience to live with another person.

Anything vinyl

It is very trendy right now and artists are going above and beyond to offer different types of vinyl editions to make them collectables. I love hearing my favorite albums spinning, I enjoy the different colors, and the whole setup works as beautiful decorations.


On a small budget? Create a playlist for your friend/family member/love with only songs that remind you of them. Such a nice feeling to hear someone’s feelings and adoration through music.


Official merch can be quite challenging. If it is an international artist they might not be sending it to your country or you’ll have to deal with taxes. Sometimes, and I think a lot of people will agree with me, it can be very plain and even not tasteful. Nonetheless, I still buy t-shirts and sweatshirts, and if you look properly, you’ll find the right pieces and style. Scared to buy apparel, because of sizes/style? Accessories are a safe alternative!

Your ultimate holiday season playlist, that all indie girlies will enjoy!

Happy holidays ✨

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