Vinyl records that joined my collection in October

So much music came out in October and since the beginning of the year, lots of albums were announced, and with that comes album presales. I started my vinyl collection about a year ago (I didn’t even have a record player at the time 🤫), and have been slowly building it up. That’s how I ended up receiving an amount of vinyl higher than ever.

This introduction kind of makes it feel like I received hundreds of them, but it is 4. Let’s find out what they are.

Taylor Swift, Midnights

What did you expect? I wrote my first-ever album review a couple of weeks ago on Midnights, so obviously, I pre-ordered it back in August. I was even so scared to have them sold out quickly, that I ordered it through the German store instead of the French one because they are always SO SLOW to update the merch.

And what can I say, it was worth it. I didn’t splurge and got all of them. I panic-bought the first edition that she announced: the blue marbled. It is honestly so beautiful, the marble is subtle with some darker blue areas. We can see obviously the infamous clock on the label on both sides. As for the jacket, the print looks really great. The album cover is at the front, with the original placement of the tracklist.

At the back, I have a part of the clock on top of the full-size picture. As for the inside, another picture of her hanging out in the same couch area type of thing is displayed. It also comes with a huge poster and the lyrics booklet, which I love the look & feel of it.

I’m so happy to be continuing my Taylor Swift collection and starting to have fun pressings of her albums.

Ashe, Rae

I loved Ashlyn when it came out (still do) and with the way she presented her sophomore album, Rae, it felt like something I would love too. She teased about it a lot when I saw her back in June in Paris, so it was with no hesitation that I bought it.

The color of it is absolutely beautiful (red translucent) and I love that it matches the cover. Spinning it looks absolutely amazing. The print of the jacket however feels a little bit average. I like this old look there is going on but for me, grainy doesn’t mean blurry. The inside of it is also a full-size picture of her with the same print quality. But the poster looks really good! The font matches the picture and the over-feel of the album, I really love it.

The 1975, Being Funny In A Foreign Language

I love The 1975 (like a lot of people), and couldn’t believe it when they announced a new album and released Part Of The Band, which I LOVE. There it goes in my cart.

This is a simple jacket with the album cover at the front and the tracklist on the back. The color of the vinyl was a bit of a surprise as it turned out much lighter than the pictures on the website. So instead of medium to dark blue with this galaxy feel, it is light blue with touches of white. Still galaxy, but as it is so light, it almost looks marble. Obviously, I still love it, it is one of my first mate vinyl (apart from the regular blacks) and I think it looks gorgeous spinning as the color isn’t altered by the mat.

The jacket also came with an outer sleeve, which we always appreciate!

Arctic Monkeys, The Car

I think this is my favorite vinyl. I love the color scheme of the overall campaign (this grey and green with very minimalistic details 😍).

The vinyl is this very deep, but also light, mate grey with a very simple yellow label only stating Side One/two. it’s REALLY pretty in my opinion. The jacket, however, consists of a carton with a thick piece of paper glued on each side. I’d rather have it printed but the album cover looks great nonetheless.

Even though it is very simple, I’ve grown attached to this one.

4 small records added to my very small collection! Lots of you probably also got these records, please share with me what you think of them. Also, Should I get another Midnights edition? I’ve got my eyes on the Mohagany edition for a few weeks now…

I hope to grow it steadily, and hoping to head back to Paris soon to go thrift some of them for the first time! I’ll take you all with me as I keep adding new ones to my shelves.

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