Susannah Joffe — Deer in Headlights: a perspective on societal misogyny

Growing up in Texas surrounded by an alt-right Christian extended family is a challenge in itself. Women are an afterthought in any societal decisions, but even more so from conservative people. They believe women are incapable, emotional, not able to live alone, and definitely need a man to make their life a success. If we do not follow their rules, they make sure to crush us. This is ‘Deer in Headlights‘ by Susannah Joffe: a critique of the hypocrisy of alt-right Christian nationalism and showing her alt-right family that she is successful and capable of great things.

Now how would you explain that conservative political figures kill women with their agenda? Susannah Joffe’s take: comparing to roadkill. Today’s political projects from conservative parties (but not only) target women: the overturning of Roe v. Wade, drag shows being banned, and books mentioning powerful women not allowed in schools. These projects crush women, and make them an inconvenience, just like roadkill: “gross reflection looking back at me / father forgive me for staining these new leather seats”.

It starts strong and slow at the same time, like an impending doom. Susannah’s vocals are hanging over your head. Guitars take over most of the song, representing the dominant and crushing act of roadkill and by extension the way women are treated in our society.
Going full circle, Joffe reached out to her middle school orchestra teacher to have them play strings on Deer in Headlights. She also wrote the lyrics with her dad.

I can only recommend following her entourage in believing in her success. For fans of Ethel Cain, beabadoobee, or Indigo De Souza, rising star Susannah Joffe is set to release her new EP very soon!

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