Love on tour — Wembley N1

I’m speechless.

I’m not sure how one realized what happened after any Harry Styles concert. But how do we recover from a Harry Styles concert at the Wembley Arena in London?

This concert was totally unexpected as I catched tickets 3 weeks before the date. I grabbed my sister (who was only casually listening to his music at the time), threatened to leave her in France if she doesn’t learn the lyrics, and booked flights and accommodation a couple of weeks before the show.

This turned into a full weekend dedicated to Harry Styles. While I was panicking that something wrong might happen (missing flights, deleted flights, thunderstorms, c*vid, ANYTHING), we still made our way to the Barbican Center to see where As It Was was filmed. Turns out we weren’t the only ones to think of that.

After some more walking, it was time to get ready. As y’all know, you (usually) don’t show up in regular clothing at this kind of show. AND WE ONLY HAD 3 WEEKS TO THINK OF AN OUTFIT! Well, they turned out great if I can say so myself. We fit right in and we felt good, it was great to walk around in lilac and flower, surrounded by boa feathers flying around.

On to the show.


I cried.

And I screamed.

And laughed.

And cried again.

I always had this kind of idea that I would never cry at a concert. Like in what world would I become emotional over hearing live music. Haha, joke on me, because I bawled my eyes out on the first song and ruined my makeup in the first 3 minutes of the show.

A Harry Styles show is an experience. The set list is incredible and goes well with the flow. The stage is more than great, it allows you to see from anywhere. And the stadium? I can’t believe so many people can be brought together to experience the same emotion and excitement.

This was a whole mood. The vibe was amazing. And you could think the rain would bring down positive emotions. But no, it deduplicated them. And the highlight of Sign Of The Times under the rain with fireworks?!! Can’t believe I experienced that.

I’m still overwhelmed and grateful and happy that I’m able to go to concerts but this one (and Paris because how can I choose — more to come on that), surpasses everything I expected.

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